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McCain got his bounce apparently
September 8, 2008, 4:57 am
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Good news for John McCain and those of us who are supporting him. The latest Gallup tracking poll from the 7th of September shows McCain has a 3 point lead over Obama (Click here) 48%-45% among “registered voters.” — Also, in the Zogby Poll (Click here), McCain now has a 4 point lead, 49.7% – 45.9 with “likely voters.”

A newer USA Today/Gallup Poll (not to be confused with the Daily tracking Gallup Poll) that came out a few moments ago says that McCain now leads among “registered voters” by 50 – 46. — However, among “likely voters” McCain’s lead expands to a double digit lead, 54% – 44%. (Read by clicking here).

The only poll that seems to show them as in a single point is Rasmussen, but that to may change.


Barack Obama Is Not a US Citizen and therefore shouldn’t be President
September 8, 2008, 2:26 am
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In recent days, evidence has come to light that Barack Obama may not be a a U.S. citizen and therefore should be disqualified to be President of the United States. — Here is the story that many have not covered and have ignored:

Birth Certificate Found in Kenya. Citizen of Kenya and Indonesia. Hawaiian Certificate Forged.

On Aug. 21st attorney Philip J. Berg requested an injunction in Federal Court against the nomination of Barack Obama, citing evidence that candidate Barack Obama is not a US citizen, and “the obvious problems that will occur when the Republican Party raises these issues after Obama is nominated.”

Berg argues that Barack Obama was born in Kenya in 1961 to an American woman, Stanley Ann Dunham, and a Kenyan man, Barack Hussein Obama Senior, as reportedly shown by a birth certificate from Mombasa Maternity Hospital. According to the law at that time, a parent could pass US citizenship on to a child born abroad if the parent was at least 19 years old. Obama’s mother was only 18.

No hospital birth certificate has been produced to show Obama was born in Hawaii, only a certificate of birth registry after the fact, which forensics experts have denounced as a forgery.

Moreover, when Obama was six years old his mother remarried and moved with her husband to his country, Indonesia. Records indicate Obama was naturalized as an Indonesian citizen. Indonesia does not allow dual nationality, so even had he been born in Hawaii, he would have lost his citizenship then.

To read the original post, click here to see it.

UPDATE September 8, 2008: I did more research and found more collaborating evidence to back this assertion up which can be read by clicking on this link here.

Obama says he would delay rescinding tax cuts?
September 7, 2008, 7:43 pm
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I was surprised to read this, but Obama seems to have come around on repealing the Bush tax cuts:

Democrat Barack Obama says he would delay rescinding President Bush’s tax cuts on wealthy Americans if he becomes the next president and the economy is in a recession, suggesting such an increase would further hurt the economy.

Nevertheless, Obama has no plans to extend the Bush tax cuts beyond their expiration date, as Republican John McCain advocates. (Yahoo! News)

He admits that rescinding the tax cuts would further hurt the economy, but refuses to extend them. — In other words, Obama is recognizes the harm repealing them would do, but is willing to let them expire and allow the same dammage to be done, just on a delayed basis. — What a joke!!

Stupidly obvious false rumors against Sarah Palin
September 7, 2008, 4:39 am
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The rumors against Sarah Palin are really going too far and are really out of control. Considering the obvious anti-Palin bias in the leftist tabloid (i.e, so-called “news”) media, this show has crossed the line from “politics as usual” to a pathetic “dig up dirt on the sexy Alaskan gov, be it true or false.” — At Wal-Mart, today when I went, this bias is all so noticeable. There was a magazine with a flattering picture of Obama, and very close to it, there was a National Enquirerwith a picture of Sarah Palin with a caption that insinuated she was dirty. — So far, I have not seen one positive thing from the socialist media about her, while at the same time they drool over their messiah, the Savior Obama.

To be frank, the more I see the Media attack her, the more I lean towards John McCain, even though I have said on this blog I would vote for Bob Barr instead. — Hell, I’ll endorse McCain here and now! I have decided to vote for him, against Obama and the Obama cult that has infected the news media, turning it into a tabloid frenzy full of left wing hacks.

These attacks are obviously not working because according to a Rasmussen poll (click here for stats), 51% of voters think (dare I say “know?”) that the media is out to get her. — As a matter of fact, she is now more popular than Obama “the messiah.” (click here). And I say, good. This shows the American people recognize the media bias in this case.

The latest lie on the internet is that Palin called Obama a “Sambo,” a racist term. (Read this text linked page) Like the other rumors, there is no evidence to back this up.

Warner Todd Hudson, a blogger from News Busters, today has just published a blog post which refutes many alegations and bullshit claims made to discredit Sarah Palin. He says,

Apparently the media wants to get even for the Swift-Boaters successful torpedoing of John Kerry in 2004 because they are by the dozens every day promulgating lies about the career and life of Governor Sarah Palin. I recently posted a piece on the lies, exaggerations and misbegotten assumptions of a Baltimore Sun columnist and it got me to thinking to try and gather one thread rebutting the media’s ever evolving negative memes against this strong woman. From unproven claims of infidelity, to claims she is a book banner and a negligent Mother, the media have been smearing this woman daily since she stepped out onto the national stage. One recent Politico attackon Palin was made up solely of the claim that she was once mean to someone… yes, Politico actually was trying to say that their report was serious.

He then goes on to list many myths about her and he refutes them. — Click here to read his refutations of the rumors. He text-links to his sources, so you can fact check on what he says.

Feminists should be offended
September 6, 2008, 10:06 pm
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Howard Gutman, a left wing hack that works for Obama just did something that any principled feminist should be upset about. He accused Sarah Palin of basically abandoning her family responsibility to run for vice president with John McCain. — This is without regard for the fact that this was Palin’s decision to make, and her making this decision is a credit to feminism. TRUE FEMINISM, that is, which is about choice.

FoxNews reported today:

An original member of Barack Obama’s finance committee said Friday that Sarah Palinis putting her career above her family by accepting the nomination as John McCain’s running mate.

Howard Gutman made the argument on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” telling the radio host that the Alaska governor should focus her energy on her unwed, pregnant teenage daughter.

“If my daughter had just come home at 17 years old and said, ‘Mom, Dad, I’m pregnant, we have a family problem,’ I wouldn’t say, ‘You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to take this private family problem … I’m going to go on the international stage and broadcast it to the world’,” he said.

Gutman later added: “If you take a daughter who’s got this emotional strife and subject her to the most intense scrutiny of the world at this time in her life, I think you’veput your career above your family.”

The Obama campaign rejected Gutman’s comments.

“Obviously these comments do not reflect our frequently stated, crystal-clear view that families of the candidates should be off limits, and we hope that supporters on both sides will act accordingly,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said in an e-mail, pointing out that Gutman has apologized in a statement to ABC News.

Earlier in the week, Obama said anyone spreading rumors about Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy would be fired.

“I think people’s families are off limits, and people’s children are especially off limits,” Obama said. “This shouldn’t be part of our politics.”

It isn’t clear what role Gutman still has in the campaign.

Gutman called the teenage pregnancy a “pressure cooker” for the Palins, and also suggested her son’s Down syndrome should factor in to her decision.

“The proper attack is not that a woman shouldn’t run for vice president with five kids, it’s that a parent, when they have a family in need, a Down’s baby who needs them — a father or mother,” he said.

He said his argument had nothing to do with Palin being a woman.

“This wasn’t a working mother issue, this was a parent issue,” he said.

As for his claim that his criticism was not motivated by Palin being a a women, I call “BULLSHIT!” — I guarantee that if this were a man and not a woman then such a thing would not have been said.  On top of that, I say her family and business life is none of his business. — If Sarah Palin were on the Democratic ticket then such a statement against her would be seen as sexism by the far left feminazis.

McCain shows character at convention
September 5, 2008, 6:16 pm
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Even though I have abused John McCain several times on this blog, I have to admitt that last night, he showed real character in his acceptence speech. — It is true I have disagreed with the renagade Republican many times however this has come to his advantage.

This is to say that McCain took on his own party saying that even though Republicans wanted to change Washington, they let Washington change them and as a result they lost (in 2006). — He said the party has lost his way.

The delegates were silent — but not a single person can deny that the Maverick is right and he said what he knew to be true. His willingness to take on his party shows character. . .

Democrat Congress apporval down to 9%
July 19, 2008, 4:05 am
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A real irony, huh? While Bush’s approval has plummeted to an all time low at 33%, the approval of the Democrat Congressionalapproval has fallen even furtherto only 9%. — But of course American voters will use their common sense in November, by re-electing what they approve less of.

For a laugh, I’m posting this video,