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CPACKIN’ Comments on Rush Limbaugh
March 11, 2009, 4:51 am
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Man arrested for wearing McCain-Palin T-shirt — Obama fascist crowds cheer and chant
November 8, 2008, 8:47 pm
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Freedom of speech is going down the tubes if one man can’t even wear a McCain-Palin shirt in a crowd of Obama supporters. Even though the police told him to leave this man had every right to be there with his shirt even though the fascist Obama cult just doesn’t like it. — This man was practicing his freedom of expression and paid the price.

LA Times covering up a Video Linking Obama & Khalidi (a Palestinian Terrorist)
October 29, 2008, 4:02 am
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If you are a Pro-Jewish voter planning on voting for Obama, this should make you think twice.

And now, as an analysis,

The John McCain campaign is demanding that the Los Angeles Times release the videotape of Barack Obama toasting former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi, at a party attended by radical Palestinian activists and former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

The Los Angeles Times has pulled their editorial heads into their shells, hoping it will all blow over. But the buzz is only spreading further.

Brit Hume opened his Fox News show with this story today, and reported that the Times is now saying “No comment.”

LA Times excuses so far:

* “We did report on it. Why aren’t you happy with that?”

* “There are ethical problems with releasing the tape.”

* “No comment.”

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So all the LA Times can do is just avoid this issue and cover up a video that can destroy Obama’s bid for the White House. — Of course I am not surprised by this. The LA Times is one of the biggest socialist publications in the country and they will do anything it takes to cover up for their guy.

The knowledge that this video even exists should send up red flags, not just to Jewish Americans, but to all sane Americans. — Obama, the messiah, is dirty.

Democrat wants fascist and unconstitutional “Fairness Doctrine”

In this broadcast, Senator Bingaman says that he supports the “fairness doctrine.” — What this really means is that he wants to take Rush Limbaugh and other Conservatives off the air or force liberal talk on us besides conservative talk radio and give it equal time.

This is unconstitutional and if the “Fairness Doctrine” passes then radio networks and TV stations should defy it and not allow government to violate our first amendment.

Binganam mentioned that under the fairness doctrine many stations did well. But what he doesn’t seem to understand is that that likely would no longer be the case.

— Remember Air America? Anyone? Remember that is was supposed to be an alternative to Rush Limbaugh and compete with him. — Conservatives predicted it would fail, and they were right. You know why? Because in talk radio, Conservatives are the ones with all the ratings.

The lesson of Air America is obvious. People just didn’t want to listen to it and it failed. –So if Congress and the Fascist left impose the fairness doctrine, and impose Liberal talk on us, not only will it be a Constitutional violation but it will also cause many people to turn off their radios, thus hurting the talk radio industry. It will only do more harm than good.

Talk Show host silenced for “bias” against Obama
October 18, 2008, 3:19 pm
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Obama isn’t even president but apparently our first amendment rights of freedom of expression are already being violated. —

Keven Miller, an anti-Obama talk show host on KDKA-AM 1020 as been silenced for his anti-Obama bias and the network offered a 3 hour slot to a left-winger. — Also, the executive producer, P.J. Kumanchik, read a statement which said Miller was unfairly biased against Obama saying,

We want to apologize to listeners who have found your show offensive.

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You want to know what I find offensive? This networks fascist attitude towards freedom of expression. — The truth is, talk show hosts fundamentally do not have to be “fair.” If they did we wouldn’t have Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. But if Obama wins then we won’t even have those two.

The true offense is the violation of this man’s fundamental constitutional rights! Now we cannot have a bias against who we see unfit for the presidency? This is left-wing fascism at work, folks! — Don’t think they won’t come after us in the blog-o-sphere to.

Take my word for it! This is a preview of the fascist “Fairness doctrine” that the left wing fascists will impose on us if they win the election in November.

Obama Campaign Stifles Free Speech At University Rally
September 30, 2008, 5:58 am
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More news about our would-be Fuhrer, Hugo Chavez Obama from NewsBusters,

The candidate of change, the shining proponent of a “new way” in national politics, says that you aren’t allowed to bring a sign to his rally. So much for the right of free political speech. To add insult to injury, this rally was held at the publicly funded University of Mary Washingtonin Fredericksburg, Virginia. So, now the government is lending the weight of its authority to squelch free speech. So, where is the hew and cry about this unAmerican activity? Did the media even note this heavy-handed policy?

But, it is all true nonetheless. The rally was heldand weak-spined school officials bent over and meekly accepted the rules derived from the fascistic penchant of the Obama campaign with its anti-first amendment proclivities. Some few small voices questioned this oppression of American rights, but for the most part no one seems to have noticed that Virginians had their Constitutional rights quashed that day. Shockingly, some even thought it was a good idea.

The Obama campaign, falling back on the oldest dodge in the book, claimed that campaign signs were not allowed because of “security concerns.” Who can doubt, though, that it was instead because of “camera concerns”? The Obama campaign was far more interested in photo ops clear of McCain signs or other unwanted reminders that there are other opinions out there among the unwashed masses than that of sycophancy for The One.

On one hand, I see the logic in a campaign making sure that it controls the atmosphere of a campaign stop. It’s only good sense. And if this control were to be exerted on private property with the full acceptance and participation of the property owners, well who can deny that? But it wasn’t. This rally happened on public land.

Now, let us harken back to the “reason” that Sarah Palin was refused the podium at the anti-Iran rally last week, shall we? She was denied because of the so-called “equal time” rule, remember? This is a shadowy “rule” that seems to state that no politician may speak in public unless his opponent also appears to speak.

So, one wonders: did the University of Mary Washington invite the McCain campaign to the rally with Obama? And if not, why not? After all, this is a publicly funded institution. Are we to accept that such a place would violate that sacrosanct “equal time” rule? Are we to believe that a place funded by our money not only didn’t invite the opposing candidate, but used its publicly derived authority to squelch free speech by disallowing signs?

I suppose we’ll have to believe such a thing, after all.

Of course, the media doesn’t mind. Who can deny that such heavy-handed campaign policies smoothes the waters for their messiah. I can only chuckle at this. I mean, Obama is the first messiah that needs average men to smooth the waters for him instead of being all powerful enough to smooth them himself. How shallow must be the water he walks upon?

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Obama is turning into a real Fascist, and he isn’t even President yet. One would think that the better time for him to engage in unconstitutional practices would be after the election so he has more of a chance of winning. . . But oh well, the Liberal mindset is an unpredictable thing.

Previewing an Obama Presidency
September 29, 2008, 12:57 am
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Over the last day I have had a terrible preminition after I found out about Obama’s tactics to violate the NRA’s constitutional rights to free speech by police-state tactics. You may not like what I have to say — so if you continue to read this and then get upset then that’s your problem, not mine:

November 5, 2008: We wake up to find that Barack Obama has won the presidency of the United States. On television, McCain is giving his concession speach and then Obama follows with lots of cheering from his supporters. He then gives his acceptence speech and repeats his old and worn out cliché about “Change you can believe in”

Obama then promises what his cult followers want: Bigger government, free health-care at heavy expense of the rich according to him is anyone who earns $250,000 (or at least he claims that that’s his definition.) He also promises more social services which will result in tax hikes of billions of dollars. — But his followers don’t care, they’re not the ones that will suffer from his tax increases, or at least they don’t know that they will.

January 20, 2009: George W. Bush steps down from the presidency and Obama takes the oath of office. In his speech, he repeats the same old clichés yet again after the band plays “Hail to the Chief.”

Within his four years: Apparently coming to the realization that being president has not immuned him to criticism from his political enemies as well as Conservative talk-show hosts, Obama decides to do something about it. . . .

With a huge Democrat majority in both the house and the senate, he pushes for the so-called “fairness doctrine” which would impose equal time of Liberal talk-radio on equal footing with Conservative radio, whether the people want it or not. . . Air America gets placed on the same networks that Conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Micheal Savage and others. . . .

When the ratings of the radio networks come in, those that run them plead with Obama to repeal the fairness doctrine because Air America is hurting their ratings. — Nobody wants to listen to it.

President Obama doesn’t care. — As a matter of fact, he decides that there are too many conservatives and too few liberals on the radio. Again, he has his Democrat majorities pass legislation barring certain conservative talk show hosts from working on the radio.

Conservatives and Libertarians begin to protest the unconstitutionalityof what the President is doing. Many of these groups begin to run television ads condemning what is happening.

Upset at the ads, he again resorts to lows to get them off the air waves. — He has his cabinate members contact the T.V. networks saying that if they don’t stop running those “offensive” ads, then they will shut them down and have them arrested.

Intimidated, several of the networks stop the ads, while some have the courage to keep running them. — Finding out about this, Obama orders them arrested and their networks shut down.

The two chairmen, one of the Libertarian Party and the other of the Republican Party, get togather to condemn this act of fascist tyranny saying that Obama is no better than Hugo Chavez, who has done similar acts. They are arrested —

Rush Limbaugh also gets arrested and his show gets taken off the air when he calls Obama “A girly-man who is not man enough to take criticism.” — He continues, “When Hugo Chavez came to the UN and called Bush “the devil” at least Bush was man enough to wave it off. Obama is not Bush’s superior as President. He is nowhere near his equal.” — Off goes his show and into the slammer Rush goes!!

Micheal Savage also gets taken in. He shouts down at Obama saying “Hey! President Osama! Thanks for proving my point that you are a fascist!”

By ordering most, if not all well known conservative talk show hosts, Liberal Talk radio becomes dominant. But still it has lower ratings than conservative radio. The talk-radio market is suffering. Nobody want the liberal tak shows on Air America.

November 2010: Because of President Obama’s unpopularity, the Democrats lose their majorities to the Republicans in a massive landslide. Obama is now a lame duck, though he still has a “KGB” like police force on his side and therefore is a foe to be reckoned with.

Presidential Primaries 2012: Afraid of being threatened by the Obama administration, several Republicans refuse t run for President, because this involves criticising Obama. And they all know how Obama takes to criticism.

A couple of candidates show up anyway and begin to take on Obama. After the primaries, it doesn;t matter who won the Republican nomination, the people decided it had to be anybody but Obama.

Election Day 2012: Obama loses in a land-slide, only carrying his state of Illinois.

I know you probably didn’t like what I predict here. But after seeing Obama using police-like tactics to censure ads he just doesn’t like, I am confident that something similar to what I have predicted here is what we are going to get, provided Obama wins the election.