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Obama’s infomercial — Eight problems with it
October 30, 2008, 2:50 am
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Just today Obama released his 27 minute ad that goes  into what he plans to do as president. He uses a few every-day American families to help illustrate how he plans to improve your life.

Below the video of his infomercial I will list the problems with what Obama has to say:

Alright, now that you have apparently seen the Obama commercial, here are the reasons why I unimpressed with it:

  1. In about 4.40 minutes of the infomercial Obama says that this economy is the worst since the Great Depression. — I beg to differ. We don’t have the high unemployment level that existed at the time of the depression. Even though there is a credit problem (like there was then) it is certainly nowhere near the level the credit problem was in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Also, the poverty that contributed to the depression is nowhere near the level. — So it is almost definitely NOT the worse economy since the Great depression. — It certainly is the worse since Jimmy Carter.
  2. In five minutes, Obama says he will cut taxes for those making under $200,000 a year. — This is apparently Obama’s standard definition of “rich.” — But actually, he has changed this standard. Before he made this ad Obama’s “Standard” of  “Rich” was higher. — On his website he said, “The Obama Plan Provides Generous Tax Cuts for Almost All American Families – and will not raise any tax rate on families making less than $250,000 per year, period!” (Click here to read) — So actually, between the “Fact Checking” of Obama’s tax plan and the making of the infomercial, Barack Obama has actually lowered his standard definition of rich by $50,000. — But wait, there is more: Just earlier after the infomercial was filmed and before it was released, the Obama-Biden campain lowered the standard yet again to $150,000. (Click here) — How many times are they going to lower the standard until they start defining $50,000 as rich?
  3. Next, Obama goes into a laundry list of how he will help, such as giving business tax credit providing they hire workers in the U.S. and will do the opposite with business that transport workers overseas, etc, etc, etc. — Now here comes my basic problem with his plan. Rather it is what he says (within 5.30 minutes) right out: “Now that Grows Government. It grows the economy.” — I have no problem with the latter (i.e., growing the econ) but I do have a major problem with Obama’s plan to, in his own words, to “grow the government.” — And if you want limited government instead of a growing government, Obama’s words should worry you. According to a Rasmussen Poll, 59% of Americans agree that government is the problem, not the solution. (Click here) Apparently Obama believes it’s the solution meaning he is out of touch with the American people.
  4. The irony now is that within 6.30 minutes of the infomercial, Obama now says that Americans neither expect government to solve all their problems or give out a load of handouts. — Since he knows this, why does he insist of “Growing government” as I’ve mentioned in my former problem with the infomercial?
  5. He says we have a “right” to affordable health care. — Though there is nothing wrong with “affordable health care” in and of itself, it could hardly be called a “right.” At least not in Obama’s way of thinking of using the government to implement it. I say this because the constitution guarantees no such right, nor is it among any of the constitutional duties of the government.
  6. The infomercial calls Obama a “leader on the issues.” — But what has he actually lead on? What are his accomplishments? — He apparently only has one (Yes, ONLY ONE) accomplishment which only has to do with the Republic of Congo, but that’s all. (Click here to see). If Obama has virtually no accomplishment then he cannot rightfully be called a “leader on the issues.”
  7. Obama, near the end, emphasizes hard work to get what one wants. This is inconsistent with his “Nanny government” position in which government should solve our problems.
  8. Obama then says he will “listen to you when we disagree.” — Really? — Then why has Obama tried to shut up descent in the past? For example, he tried to censor NRA ads because he just didn’t like what they said about him. (Click here)

Well, these are my problems with Obama’s infomercial. Hope this helps cut through the crap.


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Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! How dare you question the Great and Powerful O… Nice job

Comment by scottoncapecod

Thanks 🙂

Comment by krissmith777

About the depression. Evidently “That One” isn’t old enough to remember Jimmy Carter. Everyone conveniently forgets the Great Recession of the 70’s. We aren’t even close. Prime lending rates were 17- 22% and gas rationing was a reality.
No, I didn’t watch it. I rely on people like you. 😉

Comment by Robert D

I am trying to understand why so many people feel like a victim of something that only they can change. Life is going to have good times and bad times, but you learn the most during those tough times.

Electing someone who believes they can turn everyone’s life around is pure emotion. Growing the government doesn’t bring prosperity, it provides dependency. Obama believes that socialism is something that will work here in America. That is the change I believe we don’t need.

McCain isn’t going to make your life change either. Cutting taxes in order to provide a path for the economy to grow does however allow everyone to prosper. Government does not need to get in your way to do it either. It is up to the individual to make it happen in the end though. The American dream is up to you to strive for, achieve, and it should never be taken away.

Comment by Jim

Great post and observations.

In any other election cycle, I would have watched this Obamamercial, but not this time. No way. The level of dishonesty and abuse of power this newsmedia has displayed is nothing short of stunning, and I was not receptive to more BS. I could almost hear what Obama was going to say, carefully scripted, unnatural, phony, orchestrated.

I understand that America is dealing with some tough times, but our current situation is never an excuse to present American families as miserable urchins waiting on Uncle Sam to send a monthly check or to badmouth our free market economy. Hopefully by the time we overcome all this, the leftist malcontents who see fit to only badmouth America will have little to say.

I can only hope.

Comment by tsfiles

Great article I decided not to give the fraud any ratings let him spend that money but I don’t have to let him be rewarded by watching.

Comment by hillarysmygirl08

Interesting points. You have it incorrect on number three though. I listened several times to it, and watched his mouth as well. He says, “None of that grows government…”

I’m not voting for the guy, but let’s not misrepresent him.

Comment by baddogmooney

baddogmooney says:

“Interesting points. You have it incorrect on number three though. I listened several times to it, and watched his mouth as well. He says, “None of that grows government…” — Even if it were not the case with what he mentioned outright in his infomercial, it is still certainly true with a lot of other stuff he wants to do.

I replayed that part at least 5 times to see if I heared right. I wouldn’t have placed it as I did if I wasn’t sure.

But if he meant “None of that grows government” then that only makes it double talk. I say this because that his plans would add new sections of government.

If you were right that that is what he meant, I would cvall “Double talk” beacause that’s exactly what it would do.

I certainly have no desire to “Misrepresent him.” — There are other points he brought up, but that I didn’t include in this post because I wasn’t sure of the facts.

PS. I just played the part back to confirm again if I understood it correctly. — In my view I did. The way I heared it Obama saif “WELL NOW that grows government. . .” — I didn’t hear him say “NOT THAT THAT grows government.”

Well, I’m still glad you brought it up or I wouldn’t have confirmed it any more.

PS again. I just played it again three more times. I still just hear him say “Well now that grows government” instread of a negative statement.

So I am convinced I didn’t misrepresent Obama.

Comment by krissmith777

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Great job! I enjoyed reading. And about him “listening to people when they disagree”, we must not forget about him always criticizing Sean Hannity for “not liking him” and how he just dismisses anything he says as nonsense because he is one of about only 3 people in mainstream media that don’t worship the ground he walks on.

Comment by Rick

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