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Michael Savage Endorses John McCain
October 28, 2008, 10:13 pm
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Michael has said that his endorsement could turn this election. I just hope he is right.

From Newsmax,

Conservative talk show host Michael Savage has broken a vow not to back either candidate in the presidential race and says he is endorsing John McCain over his “Marxist revolutionary” rival Barack Obama.

Savage told listeners of his nationally syndicated radio show on Tuesday: “I intended not to endorse anyone for this election prior to this week. But the more I have learned about Obama, the more I realized I cannot sit on the sideline.

“So I have to officially say, and sadly so, that I am going to endorse John McCain, for whatever it’s worth.

“You may say, oh, who listens to that guy Savage? What does an endorsement from him mean?

“It means more than you may imagine. It means much more than you may imagine.”

Savage said his endorsement means more than the backing of a dozen newspapers he mentioned, including the Los Angeles Times, Newsday, Chicago Tribune and New York Post, because his “daily circulation is larger than any one of these newspapers.

“I have millions of listeners,” he continued, “most of whom, by the way, are independents. In case you don’t know it, they’re not all conservatives. Most of my audience are independents and they have been waiting for some kind of a signal…

“They despise what Bush has done to this country as much as you do. They despise what Bush has done to this country as much as I do…

“And I understand that John McCain is not really that much different in so many ways, that it’s hard to endorse him.

“I have put my own ego aside and I have to say what’s best for America.

“I’ll take my chances with the old war horse and even with Sarah Palin, who I’m not really a big fan of, by the way, over this naked Marxist revolutionary, because I don’t want to see what the next Pol Pot’s liable to do to the world.”

Pol Pot was the communist leader of Cambodia during the 1970s, and along with his Khmer Rouge followers was responsible by some estimates for 1.7 million deaths in the Southeast Asian nation.

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