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Palin: “If I predicted a disaster like Biden, the press would clobber me” — Interviewer says: “You’re Right”
October 23, 2008, 6:02 am
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In an interview, Sara Palin mentions Joe Biden’s statement of an international crisis in six months if Obama wins the election. — She then says that if she were the one to have said that then the media would have “clobbered” her about it. But Biden gets the pass.

The interesting thing is that the journalist interviewing her says “You’re right.” — He agrees with her.

I can’t embed the video but to see the it click here at:  Palin:Biden got a pass

Great to see someone in the liberal media finally admits the truth.


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Academic proof of media bias http://journalism.org/node/13307

Comment by Truth

The question before the voters is Obama’s own actual values, personal judgment, inappropriate associations and his lack of qualifications for office of president. Why is it that anyone addressing these legitimate issues of Obama’s relationship with William Ayers or Acorn now is still being falsely even now diverted by being wrongfully called a racist by Obama and his supporter? Is that rather how typically he will treat all negative questions as well the rest of his life too? What no personal accountability as well? We do not need politicians like that for sure.

Comment by thenonconformer

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