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CNN goes after Palin for going after Obama’s time in the senate
October 23, 2008, 7:07 pm
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CNN did a “Fact Check” today on an accusation Palin made saying that Obama only spent 300 days in the senate.

Palin was referring to Obama’s career in the U.S. Senate. Maria Comella, Palin’s spokeswoman, told CNN that from the time Obama was sworn in on January 3, 2005, to the announcement of his exploratory committee on January 16, 2007, the Senate was in session 304 days. The secretary of the U.S. Senate told CNN the numbers are correct.

(Link: Political Ticker)

And later CNN says:

But lawmakers also work when the Senate is not in session. Obama served 743 days in the Senate from his swearing in to the announcement of his exploratory committee, the first official step when considering a run for the presidency. He served 768 days from the start of his career in the Senate to February 10, 2007, when he formally announced his candidacy for president. Palin served as governor of Alaska for 634 days before Republican nominee Sen. John McCain named her as his running mate.

Palin may have made a misleading remark as to how long Obama served in the senate, but CNN’s anti-Palin spin has a logical fallacy.

Between the lines, CNN says “Obama has 768 days in the senate and Palin only has 630 as Governor, So therefore Obama is more experienced than Palin.”

Whether Palin has less days as governor than Obama does in the senate does not mean that Obama is therefore more experienced than her. Remember, all they do in the senate is vote “Yes,” “No,” or “Present” like Obama has done. (Thinking about his “Present” votes.) Governors are like “Mini-President” of a state which involves a lot of the same kind of work a president does, but on a smaller scale. And lets not forget that as mayor, she did the same thing on yet another small scale.  — That beats just casting a vote in the senate.

So still, even though Obama has more days in the senate than Palin does as governor, she still has more executive experience. Obama has none.


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