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Talk Show host silenced for “bias” against Obama
October 18, 2008, 3:19 pm
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Obama isn’t even president but apparently our first amendment rights of freedom of expression are already being violated. —

Keven Miller, an anti-Obama talk show host on KDKA-AM 1020 as been silenced for his anti-Obama bias and the network offered a 3 hour slot to a left-winger. — Also, the executive producer, P.J. Kumanchik, read a statement which said Miller was unfairly biased against Obama saying,

We want to apologize to listeners who have found your show offensive.

(Text link)

You want to know what I find offensive? This networks fascist attitude towards freedom of expression. — The truth is, talk show hosts fundamentally do not have to be “fair.” If they did we wouldn’t have Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. But if Obama wins then we won’t even have those two.

The true offense is the violation of this man’s fundamental constitutional rights! Now we cannot have a bias against who we see unfit for the presidency? This is left-wing fascism at work, folks! — Don’t think they won’t come after us in the blog-o-sphere to.

Take my word for it! This is a preview of the fascist “Fairness doctrine” that the left wing fascists will impose on us if they win the election in November.


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