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Obama Supporters Deserting over ACORN scandal: “Say it Ain’t So, Barry.”
October 11, 2008, 8:27 pm
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IT now turns out that many Obama supporters in my.barackobama.com are now having second thoughts about their candidate of change.

Many of the pages of the Obama supporters that are now having doubts are now being deleted, but fortunately Google has cached them. — But the fact that Obama is censuring them is proof that he tolerates no criticism from anyone, meaning, as I have been saying, he has the makings of a dictator.

Here are what they are saying:

We have little doubt that the people who posted these entries will soon have their My.BarackObama.com accounts disabled by Obama’s moderators (and at least one did), in which case we are delighted to welcome them to PUMA or the GOP, whichever they prefer. Since their pages will doubtlessly be taken down as well, we will include the Google caches for reference. What we are looking at is what organizational science calls “loss of commitment,” and its result is total organizational disaster. The original “Say it ain’t so” is, incidentally, from the 1919 Chicago “Black Sox” scandal.


By Lindsay – Oct 9th, 2008 at 7:37 pm EDT

This ACORN stuff is really really bad. As a voter, I really need to know that Obama wasn’t funding an organization that willingly engaged in voter fraud.

This could be a game changer for me.

Obama Lies About Acorn (cache)

By MYOHIO – Oct 9th, 2008 at 1:12 pm EDT
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This is what Obama said to ACORN, at a November, 2007 speech, according to Newsmax:

“I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”

By Mark from Pittsburg, KS Yesterday at 1:44 am EDT (Updated Yesterday at 1:44 am EDT)
I have been a devoted supporter of Barack Obama since I saw him speak at the 2004 Democratic Convention, for which I was a delegate, but I am very disappointed by the campaign’s response thus far. If Barack does not strongly denounce some of the tactics of ACORN, and call for an IMMEDIATE investigation, I fear that voters (many of whom are already angry at all politicians) will lose faith in Barack. Given that such faith in Senator Obama is crucial to his “brand,” this could represent a serious threat to our campaign. I must confess that this episode represents the first time my faith in Barack has been tested. Such faith of Americans in Barack is not only crucial to the campaign, but also in any hopes we have for his successful presidency.

Mark Peterson

By First Name from Avondale, AZ Yesterday at 9:53 pm EDT (Updated Yesterday at 9:53 pm EDT)
His ties to the pastor who said those awful things about America, his connection to a terrorist who bombed the Pentagon, now Acorn is registering people to vote who don’t exist. Does this sound like a president to you? I’m really worried about America’s future.

Acorn and Voter Fraud

ACORN and Voter Fraud
By Robert from Mableton, GA – Oct 9th, 2008 at 8:42 pm EDT
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I think it is very important for Barack Obama to address this issue before it gets out-of-control. If Obama has paid them to register voters and if ACORN has been shown to do illegal things this could blow up in the campaigns face. I would strongly suggest that the campaign does not dodge this issue. If ACORN is doing illegal things, Obama should get out from underneath it.

Bob from Atlanta

This one was deleted by Obama’s moderators, but not before Google cached it. The user’s account was disabled as well

By K from Portland, OR – Oct 9th, 2008 at 3:11 am EDT
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There is so much talk within this campaign, by Biden, Obama and supporters, about the lies and comments coming from the McCain campaign regarding Ayres and Acorn. I have investigated both topics, and at this point have been unable to identify any lies out of the McCain camp. Indeed, there is a great deal of information tying Obama to Ayres, and to the corrupt company Acorn. Today the FBI announced raids on many Acorn offices – within Obama’s target states. Since Obama has paid that company $800,000 to hire Acorn to register people in these same states, what are we to think about the connection between Obama and Acorn? What are we to think about the ‘increases’ in registration, when Directors of Elections in various states, and the FBI report hundreds of thousands false forms having been filed by Acorn (and they have been shown on the news).

We now have the problem of questioning 1) voter registration and actual voting in these states; 2) Obama’s responses to criticism. And if we have to question all of that, then how can we take at face value anything this ticket says?

For my part, I feel very let down. I feel a total lack of trust in this team, and in what has been voiced in the various sound bites and rhetoric. Let’s face it – it looks BAD that the company this campaign hired at a large sum of money (the same company Obama worked for over years, including doing their training), the same company that has been under investigation and lawsuits for over 10 years, is now under seige of the FBI for fraud. This looks bad, and frankly it smacks of desperation and a determination to do anything, no matter the cost, to get elected.

This is a campaign of change? From what? to What? This sounds like Chicago politics as usual.

ACORN MAJOR PROBLEM – URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Jennifer from Chicago, IL – Oct 10th, 2008 at 2:50 pm EDT
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Obama campaign – you have a real situation on your hands w/ this Acorn dilema. Who cares about Wright and Ayers, but FRAUD, this is huge. Your entire campaign has centered around trust and change and this could completely tarnish your reputation. You, Obama, need to get on TV RIGHT NOW and explain the situation. This cannot linger in hopes of it dying down and it needs to be addressed before the McCain camp attacks. I would suggest you telling the American people, that you are appalled and don’t condone this activity and that you will put up you own money (personal or campaign) to ensure that no this situation is fixed. You must explain what is going on and separate yourself from this activity……NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer, let us introduce you to the underside of Obama’s bus, where your MyBO account will soon go–but don’t worry, you will find plenty of good company

I’m still undecided. I am very concerned about all the news about Ayers, Wright, Farakan, Rezko, ACORN, etc. Please convince me i have nothing to worry about.

In other words, “Say it ain’t so, Barry.”

To see the source click here.


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The Rebumblicans are just whining and already making excuses because they realize they have lost the election. They don’t want to admit that it was because they didn’t have a good candidate or any good ideas so they are going to blame it on ACORN. What the Republicans really need to be worried about is the lack of 18-29 years olds not joining their party. Young people are joining the evil Dems 6:1. This could mean the death of the Republican Party if they don’t get with the program. I did voter registration at local libraries for the past 6 months ( voluntarily ) and never once saw or heard of Republicans in my county doing anything. Through others I found this was the case pretty much the same throughout the country. Now the Republicans are going to try and get the new voters disqualified. Now that takes balls. Wing nuts and whiiners do not make a strong party.

Comment by stophate


Have you even read the post??? These aren’t even republicans. These are Democrats that have been turned off of Osama.

Comment by krissmith777

Before we make a choice we may regret for the next four years, the accusations against Barack Obama should be carefully considered, as they are here.

Comment by Burr Deming

Burr, why are you linking a post that compares McCain to Jefferson Davis? — The difference between them is not lipstick, it’s that Davis was a traitor and McCain is a heroe.

Comment by krissmith777

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