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I still stand by my prediction: John McCain will win
October 1, 2008, 5:22 pm
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Earlier, I posted in a previous blog entry that despite the polls showing Obama ahead that John McCain will win the election. — I still stand by that statement.

I also said not to worry about the poll numbers. — The problem with only going with polls is that 1) polls can change at any given moment and 2) even the majority of polls have been known to get the wrong results. — An example of the Democrat Primary in Vermont (between Obama and Hillary) comes to mind. Pollsters said Obama would win that state. But Hillary proved them wrong.

So to any McCain supporter that is feeling depressed that we may not win this thing: You have the power to disprove all the polls. Get out and vote. Get people who don’t usually vote to the polls. — One thing you may find encouraging is that even when Obama gets a lead he cannot even keep it study. Earlier he had an 8-9 point lead, and now it’s down to 4. (Click here) — Don’t worry to much over the polls. They will only depress you.


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I hope your right and not just in denial. Then again this election tends to be swinging constantly so prehaps obama has now peaked too early.

Comment by NatDT

I think that you are right. There is plenty of documentation showing that Obama is hiding is agenda of foisting a far right ideology on the United States. He will drag the country to a place left of Cuba. The threat from within!

Comment by Mark Jones

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