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Prediction: John McCain will win in November
September 30, 2008, 5:36 am
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Yep. Despite the polls that show Hugo Chavez ahead, I’m predicting that John McCain will win the election. Also, despite the state of Virginia coming into play with Obama in a 5 point lead, I am convinced that McCain will carry the state. Basically, I think the map will look identical to how it did in 2000.

My advice to anyone despairing: Do not pay any attention to the polls. That will only depress you even further. Besides, most polls are liberal anyway. Letting those polls get to you will only increase the likely-hood of you going out to the polls in November. And if that happens, then an Obama win will be on your head because you didn’t do anything about it.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh said something on his show that interested me. — Whether you like Rush or not, he is en excellent analyst. — He said that when the socialistic Bailout failed that this was an implication in the November election. He thinks that they voted against it because they are worried about keeping their seats.

The congressional vote shows that 95 Democrats voted against the bailout and a total of 228 congressmen voted against it in total. 205 voted for it. — That is: 52.44% of the vote against, and 47.15% voted against.

So if Rush is correct, then McCain may get 50+% on November 4.

Edit: My main reason for predicting a McCain win is what Obama has been doing lately, stifling freedom of speech and resorting to threats. I just cannot believe that the American people, in the end, would vote for a Fascist like Barack.


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It would make me so happy to say “President John McCain.” You have no idea.

Although I do not agree with him on some issues, I believe that he is the best person to keep America (and my daughter) safe.

Please, if nothing else, vote for the security of this country.

Comment by vicki

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