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Obama Wants NRA Ads Banned, unconstitutionally
September 28, 2008, 2:43 am
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Obama wants to ban NRA Ads that tell the truth about his intention to ban fire-arms. — In other words, Barack Obama not onlywants to violate our Second Amendment Rights, but also our first Amendment.

This is yet another reason why I hope he loses the election! This, I believe, shows what kind of government he would run: The type in which more of our Constitutional rights are violated. — Like it or not, this shows the man would be a tyrant as President, like Hugo Chavez!!!

The following is from NewsMax,

The Obama camp has been threatening television and radio stations to keep them from airing anti-Obama ads.

 The latest target is the NRA and stations in Pennsylvania.

 Earlier this week, the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund released a series of radio and television spots to educate gun owners and sportsmen about Barack Obama’s longstanding anti-gun record. In response to the NRA-PVF ads, a clearly panicked Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are doing everything they can to hide Obama’s real record by mounting a coordinated assault on the First Amendment.

 They have gone to desperate and outrageous lengths to try to silence your NRA by bullying media outlets with threats of lawsuits if they run NRA-PVF’s ads.

The Obama camp is particularly angry with an NRA ad entitled “Hunter” which lays out Obama’s record on gun control.

 You can see the “Hunter” ad — Go Here Now.

 Other NRA ads include “Way of Life”and another focusing on Joe Biden’s record, “Defend Freedom, Defeat Obama.”

 This week, Obama’s campaign general counsel Bob Barr wrote to stations in Pennsylvania seeking to censor the ads.

 “Unlike federal candidates, independent political organizations do not have a ‘right to command the use of broadcast facilities,'” Bauer writes. “Moreover, you have a duty ‘to protect the public from false, misleading or deceptive advertising.'”

 “This advertising is false, misleading, and deceptive,” Bauer continued. “We request that you immediately cease airing this advertising.”

 The NRA says Obama’s camp are sending out these “intimidating cease and desist letters” to cable operators and television stations, threatening their FCC licenses if they run the ads.

 The NRA charged that “Obama and the DNC have been using strong-arm tactics reminiscent of Chicago machine politics to try and cover up the truth and silence NRA by forcing the stations to assist them in hiding Obama’s radical anti-gun record.”

 And now, Obama and the DNC have opened a new front in their assault on your First Amendment rights by calling on their followers to contact these station managers to demand that the stations not run NRA-PVF’s ads.

NRA stands behind the accuracy of these ads, and NRA attorneys have responded to the Obama campaign’s despicable and abusive attempt to trample on the First Amendment by sending a thorough rebuttal to station managers. This rebuttal clearly and conclusively refutes the Obama campaign’s fallacious claims that the ads are inaccurate.

The NRA has set up a web site detailing its position on Obama at http://www.gunbanobama.com.

 A copy of the NRA’s letter to station, written by its counsel Cleta Mitchell, follows below:




TO: Station Managers

FROM: Cleta Mitchell, Esq.

Counsel to National Rifle Association

DATE: September 25, 2008

RE: Documentation for Advertising by National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (“NRA-PVF”)

This firm serves as counsel to the National Rifle Association (“NRA”) and the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (“NRA-PVF”), which is the federal political action committee of the NRA and the sponsor of certain advertising purchased and soon-to-be purchased on your station. It has come to my clients’ attention that the Obama for President campaign is engaging in an effort to prevent or stop the airing of certain ads by NRA-PVF, falsely alleging that the ads are ‘inaccurate’. The Obama presidential campaign apparently relies on an article appearing in the Washington Post on September 23, 2008 to support its contention hat the NRA-PVF ads should not be aired.

The Washington Post is hardly an objective news source on any subject related to the issues to which the NRA is dedicated, having spent decades attacking not only the NRA but also fighting against the legislation and policies NRA supports to protect the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, as well as supporting every conceivable government proposal or policy any officeholder or candidate suggests to weaken and disrupt the guarantees of the Second Amendment. It is therefore no surprise that the Washington Post would now attack the NRA for advertisements which truthfully disclose the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment record of Barack Obama, the candidate supported by the Washington Post.

 Attached please find the point-by-point refutation of the Washington Post’s article about the NRA-PVF ads regarding Obama’s record on the Second Amendment, as well as an article disclosing the bias of the decidedly not neutral “FactChecker” on which the Washington Post article is ostensibly based.

The NRA devotes 100% of its time and resources to protecting the Second Amendment and fighting for government policies and legislation furtherance of the rights of the American people to keep and bear arms.

The legislative and policy record of candidates and officeholders such as Barack Obama are well known and documented by the NRA on an ongoing basis. NRA-PVF’s advertising during the 2008 election cycle is based on that extensive research and documentation, which is being furnished to you with this Memorandum.

Accordingly, we respectfully request that your station disregard the shamefully false assertions from the Obama campaign and its attorneys regarding the NRA-PVF ads and that the ads run in accordance with the purchase(s) made by NRA-PVF in the media buy.

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Obama knows that the gun owners are many, and he has lost their votes come Nov. I have news for Obama its to late for him to now say he’s for guns after his record of voting against owning guns. He is a empty suit as I have heard many times here of late! I pack and he’s not going to take my away! Vote John McCain and the NRA member Sarah Palin!

Comment by goodtimepolitics

I don’t think they were going to vote for Nobama anyway. — But still, his willingness to ban any guns at all and therefore violate the constitution only has motivated them against them.

Also, his desire to violate the first amendment rights of the NRA is enough to motivate ANY freedom loving person against him.

McCain may not be perfect, but he is much better than Barack “Hugo Chavez” Obama.

You know? I think from now on I’ll nick-name Obama as ‘Barack “Hugo Chavez” Obama’ because, lets face it, that what Chavez has been known to do.

Comment by krissmith777

I wonder what my gun-loving Obama fanatics will think of this?

Comment by kylehuwer

Obama has gotten so used to the main stream media defending him for so long, Obama responds to any opposition by trying to stifle free speech. Obama is trying to weaken America, by taking away our rights to bear arms, by weakening our military, by blocking offshore drilling, by making nice with our enemies, and by proposing an economic policy which will bring us to our knees. If Obama gets elected, within four years, America will be a third world country.

Comment by Howard

To Howard,

It will be worse: We’ll become a fascist country.

Comment by krissmith777

He is a Chicago politician.

Stifling free speech is standard procedure where he is from.

Why is this not front-page news?

I mean, when President Clinton was criticized, he lied or told the truth about his record.

Comment by Michael Ejercito

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