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In 2004 Obama admitted he didn’t have the experience to be President
September 14, 2008, 3:24 am
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In 2004, right after becomming the senator of Illinois when asked if he would run for President, Barack Obama ruled it out saying he hadn’t the experience,

Now, for an analysis from Newsbusters,

While liberal media members try to make the case that six years as mayor and less than two years as governor isn’t enough experience to be vice president, shouldn’t they be just as concerned about whether less than two years as senator qualifies one to be president?

After all, just days after winning his U.S. Senate seat in 2004, Barack Obama said he didn’t have enough experience to sit in the White House.

As he basically threw his hat in the presidential ring during an October 22, 2006, appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” it means that less than 22 months in the Senate is all he needed to be more qualified than he felt he was roughly two years prior. . . . .

So, what experience did Obama get between January 2005 when he was sworn into the Senate and October 2006 that suddenly made him qualified to be president?

Maybe more important, given what he said on November 8, 2004, shouldn’t this be a question media are regularly asking of the man that is one election away from the White House?

Or are such questions only saved for Republican vice presidential candidates?

As an aside, when ABC’s Charles Gibson interviewed Obama on November 1, 2007, there was absolutely no mention of what the junior senator from Illinois said of his lack of experience in 2004.

I wonder why.

For the entire article from Newsbusters, click on this text link.


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