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Obama claims the “Pig with lipstick” remark wasn’t about Palin
September 10, 2008, 4:41 pm
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Barack Obama responded Wednesday to the John McCain campaign’s call for an apology concerning his “lipstick on a pig” remarks, by calling the controversy “phony and foolish” and defending it as an “innocent remark” that was taken out of context.

Obama said his comment was meant to compare the policies of McCain to those of President Bush, and was in no way a reference to Republican vice presidential Sarah Palin. . . .

(From Fox News)

Alright, this is Obama’s spin. But I find it hard to believe this was not a reference to Sarah Palin. mostly due to her now famous “lipstick” ad lib. — As far as I’m concerned, that is the only context Obama’s comment can be placed in, and any attempt to say it’s not is based only on wishful thinking. He made a blunder, but doesn’t want to admit it.

UPDATE: New Post on the subject : Why Obama’s and McCain’s statements of “lipstick on a pig” are not the same.


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If Obama was calling Palin a pig. Then McCain called Hillary Clinton a pig too.. he used the same metaphor when talking abouther healthcare plan.

Comment by Son of Bill Brasky

Source that, please.

Comment by krissmith777

Never mind, I found it, but interestingly enough, the contexts in which Obama and McCain used it are different. They were directed at different kinds of targets. Obama at Palin, and McCain at a healthcare plan (not at Hillary Clinton.)

In this post I talk about it: https://freevoiceonline.wordpress.com/2008/09/10/why-obamas-and-mccains-statements-of-lipstick-on-a-pig-are-not-the-same/

but thanks anyway for mentioning it.

Comment by krissmith777

So what’s more important to you, the voter? That Obama used a reference to a pig wearing lipstick to point out that John McCain and Sarah Palin are more like George W Bush and his failed policies, or that John McCain and Sarah Palin have morphed into pathological liars?

If you aren’t aware of the numerous and repeated lies being told by McCain and Palin, then you haven’t been paying attention.

George W Bush has taken this country in the wrong direction and from all appearances, McCain and Palin will do more of the same.

Comment by gyma

The difference between the “lipstick on a pig” remarks of both McCain [about the Hillary heathcare plan] and Obama’s is that Sarah Palin had made lipstick one of her calling cards and Hillary hadn’t. Obama would have reacted the same way if the words “Boy” or “Spade” had been referenced. In this election there is no place for phrases like “calling the kettle black”. ANY reference to these would hit a sore spot, and rightly so. Well, Palin is the only one here wearing lipstick and we need to be more aware and sensitive. Obama just threw gas on the fire with his non-apology and claim that it was “phony outrage.” This insensitivity is why women are snapping out of their stupor and fleeing Obama-land in droves.
Ironically while Obama is trying to link McCain to Bush, it is becoming clear that it is OBAMA NOT McCain who shares the same stubborn, prideful streak and the same inability to admit they are wrong as George Bush. It takes both of them a long time to come back with an actual sincere, adult apology without the “BUT” qualifiers and by that time it is ususally to late.
Lessons learned:
1. The words you say are not as important as the way they are perceived
2. A sincere “I regret my poor choice of words and that others might have been offended” was the balm of Gilead needed here, NOT a lecture on phony outrage. Not only would it have aided the healing, it would have shown maturity and wisdom to admit to unintentional mistakes, beg forgiveness and course correct.
Every woman will forgive a man who is big enough to say “I’m sorry” [even if he isn’t man enough to pick her as his running mate.]
The Palin choice has upset the apple cart because McCain’s Queen check-mated Obama’s King. This is a whole new game board and all of us need to become more aware of how our words are perceived.
Unfortunately we all know men, like Bush, who are so prideful they can not admit they are wrong. I suppose just like all the other people thrown under the bus by Obama he will came back in a day or so and attempt to walk it back to the starting-line [like with Reverend Wright and the surge]
But an opportunity to show strength and guts and leadership has been lost and the race may already be over by the time he does and he may well find himself outrun.

Comment by Mike Salvo

For the sake of argument only, you think Obama calling Palin a lipstick wearing pig disqualifies him from being President?

You see the problem to me appears to be that Democrats are ALWAYS expected to apologize for every little injustice, but not so much with Republicans.

You do realize, don’t you, that George W. Bush repeatedly lied to this country about things way more important than pigs wearing lipstick?

But you would reward that by electing another couple of liars to the White House?

I understand John McCain is the paragon of apologizers. Do you think that will work when he pisses off Iran, Russia, North Korea, or China?


Comment by gyma

gyma said: “For the sake of argument only, you think Obama calling Palin a lipstick wearing pig disqualifies him from being President?”

Nobody is saying that it does, but it does show character, or lack there of I should say.

gyma says, “You do realize, don’t you, that George W. Bush repeatedly lied to this country about things way more important than pigs wearing lipstick?”

I assume you are talking about the Iraq war when you call Bush a liar. — If that’s the case then I have already made it clear on my blog that I DO BELIEVE THE WAR WAS A MISTAKE —- But I also showed evidence that Bush did not lie. For my reasons, click on the link below:


Comment by krissmith777

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