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Pro-Illegal Immigration Republicans
June 17, 2008, 5:57 pm
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It often amazes me that Republicans like George W. Bush and John McCain think they can possibly win the Hispanic vote by giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. Statistics show that 58% of Hispanics are either Democrats or lean that way. Only 20% lean Republican.

I’m sorry to say that an amnesty is not going to change this because that trend will not be any different with illegal immigrants that receive amnesty. — Actually, I think that almost all will lean Democrat. And if both of these highly probable conclusions are correct then the only thing pro-illegal Republicans will accomplish is a massive and sudden growth of natural Democrats. And if that happens that will damage the GOP probably far beyond repair.

The fact that giving amnesty wouldn’t help the Republican party is shown in an article in the City Journal written by Heather Mac Donald. She references what happened (or didn’t) in 1986 when Ronald Reagan legalized illegal immigrants,

The 1986 amnesty signed by President Reagan did not trigger a Latino surge into the Republican Party. And California’s Hispanics leaned as strongly Democratic before Prop. 187 as after it. Hispanic voting patterns in California have held steady since 1988—they vote approximately two-to-one for Democratic presidential candidates. California’s shift from red to blue would have happened with or without Prop. 187, as defense-industry whites left the state, replaced by liberal high-tech professionals, and as the Hispanic portion of the electorate tripled from 7 percent to 21 percent.

Also, even if the Republicans gave an amnesty to illegals, they would never get credit for it. Only someone who is highly delusional would think otherwise.

Also, many Republicans think that because Hispanics tend to be Socially Conservative that they can therefore win the Hispanic vote. But apparently these people don’t seem to understand the reasons why Hispanics tend to vote against their own moral values for the Democrats: It is because many of them are poor and the Democrats claim to be the party of the little guy.

When it comes to state propositions, Hispanics seem to vote for Socially Conservative Republican supported amendments, but that is all. That doesn’t translate into votes for Republicans. — As VDARE.com’s Steve Sailer put it: Hispanic Republicans are a media myth. The same also goes for Asian-Americans, so-called “natural Republicans” that vote 75% Democrat. The fact is minorities do in fact tend to vote Democrat, Period!

So Republicans are delusional in thinking they will gain the Hispanic vote by giving amnesty to illegals. You need to remember that illegal immigrants have come from places that are highly dependent on government services, and that is what the Democrats are for as well. And that is what natural Democrats will vote for. Do if the GOP gives an amnesty, it is only going to hurt itself and it will never get the credit for giving it out anyway. For all I know, even if John McCain were to get his way and legalize 13 million illegal immigrants the descendants of the legalized-illegals will have the impression that the Democrats (not the Republicans) were the ones responsible for their grandparents receiving citizenship. No matter what, the Republicans will still be seen as racists and xenophobes.


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Great analysis…spot on. I agree, Republicans are totally delusional if they think pandering to hispanics via illegal immigration will gather them votes and support.

Comment by zeezil

The faster the Elitist Politicians can turn the United States into a Third World Country the better for their Elitist Political Contributors’ Bottom Line!

Comment by lccat

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