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Hey, you Republicans! Wanna commit political suicide?
June 16, 2008, 7:27 pm
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Really? I would like to know a good reason why so many of you insist on voting for John McCain. Because I know, and you know, that you don’t like him. — A Zogby Poll from May 14 shows that 76% of you are dissatisfied with the candidates (i.e Obama and McCain).

You Republicans have to take into account that even though you nominated this man that he will not be a good Republican or even a good president. I have already transmitted the opinion that a McCain presidency would be bad for the GOP because it would cause inter-fighting within the party. To be honest I think that if you had nominated someone more like  Mitt Romney that there would more unity in the long term. But a McCain presidency is not good, either for America or for the GOP.

From the beginning I have suspected that you have nominated McCain only to win the white house. Let me tell you this. Even if McCain wins in November you will lose in the long run. There will be many Republican dissenters and I doubt that you will recover for decades. That is why I say that if you vote for McCain and he wins that it is the same as committing political suicide.

Let me remind you that McCain doesn’t stand for what you stand for. . . I don’t think I have to mention “McCain-Feingold” and the so-called “immigration reform act” of last year. But honestly, how could you vote for a man that thinks that a clean government is more important that having your first amendment rights respected? It makes no sense!

You have to take into account the real possibility that even though McCain is posing as a Conservative now that if he gets into the white house his natural instincts are just going to take over. This means: more constitutional rights violations, more amnesty for illegal immigrants, and a questionable attitude on tax cuts. If there were reasons for Republicans to get divided these would be them. — And if that happens then that would also mean the Democrats will only expand their majority in the house and senate.

If this is what you Republicans want, if you want to risk any positive future the GOP may have, then go ahead and vote for McCain. — Go right ahead!

You may not like or appreciate what I am saying, but it’s the truth, so deal with it! — I want a really good reason why McCain should win. And “Obama will win and we are screwed” is not good enough.


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