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Bush may have skrewed up, but he didn’t lie about WMDs
June 13, 2008, 9:03 pm
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Let me get this out of the way: I used to support the Iraq war, but now I think it was a mistake. However, despite all the claims that “Bush lied, people died” I never saw any real evidence that Bush had intentionally mislead us into war with Saddam Hussein.

Because of the lack of evidence of deception on Bush’s part and also because of the later proof that there were indeed no weapons of mass destruction, I then concluded that Bush was wrong but that he didn’t lie to go to war.

Now I see a 60 Minutes interview CBS (with an FBI agent that won Saddam’s trust) from last January as proof that I was right in concluding the way I did. — To read a transcript of the interview click here. — Also, to watch the first part of the interview, click here, and here for the second part.

Pay special attention to part 2 of the interview. George Piro, the FBI agent, after winning Saddam’s trust, mannaged to bring up the topic of weapons of mass destruction, he was told that most of them had been destroyed partly by the U.N. and partly under his own orders.

When asked about why Saddam kept the secret that he disarmed Piro answered that Saddam wanted there to be the perception that he did in fact still have them. This was because he was afraid of his neighboring countries and it kept him in power. — Saddam also confessed to George Piro that he was planning to on reviving his plans for WMDs. — He also said he didn’t expect Bush to actually invade Iraq because Clinton didn’t in 1998.

However, it does in fact turn out that Saddam Hussein had no connections with Usama bin Laden. Piro said,

He considered him to be a fanatic. And as such was very wary of him. He told me, ‘You can’t really trust fanatics.” [ . . . ] He didn’t wanna be seen with Bin Laden. And didn’t want to associate with Bin Laden.

The implication of this interview with a man that came to know Saddam intimately is that President George W. Bush didn’t lie when he said that he did have weapons of mass destruction. This shows me, at least, that charges that the President manipulated intelligence to politicize it either have no, or very little, merit. — After all, it would be really understandable for such a perception given by the Iraqi dictator would work to distort the intelligence of the FBI and the CIA.  — However, Bush’s belief that Hussein was tied to bin Laden was disproved.

However, I do think that the president made a huge blunder by going into Iraq partly because we made a mess that is difficult, if not impossible, to clean up. And also because I don’t think we have the right to stop other countries from getting weapons. –If Saddam were in fact connected to 9/11, which he wasn’t, then my opinion may be different.

I think that this interview would convince any unbiased and reasonable person that even though Bush did make huge blunders that he didn’t mislead intentionally.


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It’s good to see that someone who disagrees with the war (which I do not) can come to the same sane conclusions that I can without getting caught up in the media’s soundbytes.

It drives me crazy to see that “bush lied, people died” slogan all over my city. It instantly identifies these people as lemmings, with no amount of critical examination of the facts and the media reports. If this many people are willing to blindly swallow whatever the media feeds them, I feel sorry for them and for us as a society.

So, thanks for your comment, oh fellow libertarian.

Comment by Katrina

Katrina, I am in complete agreement. It bugs the hell out of me to.

When I first made my belief that even though Bush didn’t lie even though he turned out to be wrong, one big hack all of a sudden considered me a brain washed right wing hack because I didn’t subscribe to his point of view.

It’s madness.

Comment by krissmith777

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