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Obama’s 7 point lead is just amusing
June 11, 2008, 1:28 am
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According to today’s Gallup Tracking Poll Obama now has 48% and John McCain has 41%. — I think this is just funny. Mostly because Obama has no experience at all!! And I don’t need to cite any source for that. He is still in his third year of his first term in the senate and he still hasn’t any experience as a chief executive. Note: I actually prefer governors because they have that sort of experience. That also excludes John McCain.

McCain has more expirience, but not the sort I think is necessary which make me less likely to to vote for him. Besides, I cannot stand him. But Obama is worse.

I seriously doubt that Obama even knows what he is saying half the time when he is out campaigning. And I don’t think this just because of speaking gaffs that he blamed on sleep depravation. And when he said “I can’t hear myself” I knew he was lying because no noise, nobody and nothing was impeading him. So that just doesn’t make sence, so that was an obvious feeble excuse.

Knowing that, I’m less likely to buy the phoney explanation that he was sleep deprived. Besides, after 48 hours sleep depravation should bave been more obvious.

But a major reason why I doubt he knows squat about what he says is that he says a lot of the time is from CNBC interview he did. In the interview he basically controdicted himself. He suggested government control in the economy,

It is time for the federal government to revamp the regulatory framework dealing with our financial markets.

But not long before in the same interview he invalidated this comment saying,

I believe in entrepreneurship, I believe in opportunity, I believe in capitalism and I want to do what works, but what I want to make sure of is it works for all America and not just a small sliver of America.

He believes in capitalism and government intervention in the economy at the  same time? Ha! That’s so funny!! — The intention of capitalism is to keep the economy free of any such thing. You cannot mix the two. . .

If there is proof Obama doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, it would be this. And that’s why Obama’s lead is so amusing, other than his lack of experience.


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Sure, Obama’s experience isn’t as extensive as McCain’s, but that’s also mainly a nice way of saying “McCain is old.” Just as you might ignore McCain’s age as an issue, Obama supporters like me can ignore his limited experience.

Besides, it isn’t like he’s going to be running the country by himself — he has an army of people from the his party that would be doing most of the work, just like any President. We generally don’t think about it, but at the end of the day the specific candidate himself doesn’t really matter… we should be voting for the issues they support, not them personally.

Comment by probabilityzero

It’s possible to be experienced without being to old.

Just so you know, I do not ignore McCain’s age as a factor. But I’m not overly worried about that because I am not voting for McCain. — I’m voting for Bob Bar, who has more experience than Obama, and is younger than McCain.

And as for your claim that Obama would have more people around him doing most of the work; — the same was said about George W. Bush. But we all know thst didn’t work out. — So I need more assurance than that.

Comment by krissmith777

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