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Both the Left & the Right are wrong on Gay Marraige
June 9, 2008, 1:29 am
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Lately there’s been a lot of talk here in California about legalization of Gay marraige. –I remember in 2001 there was a statewide proposition to ban it. It easily passed. But now, a California court has just overturned the will of the voters. Needless to say that gay activists were thrilled about the ruling. They boiled it down to “dignity,” “human rights,” and as a matter of “love.” The justification for permitting gay marraige was the overturning the 1948 ban on interracial marrige. (Newsmax)

Apparently a majority of Californians still oppose gay marraige according to a new poll reported on in the New York Times.

54% of registered voters support another proposition to ban gay marraige while only 35% oppose it. Comming from liberal California this is sure socially conservative of it. I’m still surpreised that no social conservative, to my knowledge has been able to win a state wide election partly because of this. But I digress.

The new poll also found that 52% of Californians disagreed with the court order to legalize gay marraige while 41% agreed with it. –This indicates bad news for the gay activists in November since it looks like California still just doesn’t want its will overturned by a court.

Now, to be honest, I think that both gay activists and social conservatives are wrong on this issue. I’ll explain this by saying that I just don’t see marraige as a political issue as all. — It shouldn’t be recognized or regulated by the government at all as long as all participants are of the legal age and willing. And this goes for regular marraige as well.

Government recognized marraige actually means that the government gives a “stamp of approval” to marry. Now this could spell trouble for anyone, gay, streight, or bisexual, who wants to marry because if the government can approve a marraige then it can also theoretically disapprove a marraige evn if it is between a man and a woman. This is a fact that so many overlook.

I’m a Christian. I personally loath the idea of gays marrying eachother, and yet I’m a believer in the separation of Church and State. But that’s not to say that I have to sell out one value for the other. I balance both by not acknowledging marraige as political. The truth of the matter is that this became a problem only when the courts and governments got involved. So I think it would be better if the insitution of marraige were privatized. This way there would be no descrimination on legal grounds.

Another problem with state recognized marraige is that we are legally obligated to acknowledge a match we don’t approve of. I.e., If you don’t approve of gay marraige and it is legalized then you will be forced to accept it. With privatized marraige and no government recognition we would have no obligation.

Bottom line: Both the left wing and the right are wrong on this issue and are handling it in the wrong way.


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